Mane 'n Tail Talks to Samantha Musante

We met with NRHA professional and reigning horse trainer Samantha Musante, and had a chance to discuss her love of reining horses and training them to be amazing show horses. She also took some time to show us how she uses Spray ‘n Braid to style her magnificent animals.

Thanks Sam for spending some time with Mane 'n Tail!

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Spray 'n Braid is a spray-on professional product for amazing grooming grip specially formulated for tighter braids, neater banding, and easier mane training.

Its benefits include a no slip “grip” for easy braiding and banding while eliminating flyaway strands for perfect looking braids. It's protein enriched so it both strengthens hair and helps prevent breakage. The ultimate solution for training manes and tails to lay flat, it's a water based pH balanced formula with a pleasant scent and an ergonomic bottle for easier handling.

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