Lil' Facts about Mini Horses

Not only are miniature horses ridiculously cute, but they are an interesting group of critters too!

Here are some interesting facts, along with some squee-worthy pics, all about mini horses.

Mini horses come in every possible color!

Mini horse breeders focus on two different types; a ‘stock horse type’, or ‘a refined’ type.

Minis love human companionship, even new people they have never met.

Mini horses first became popular in the 1970s.

Mini horses aren’t the same as ponies.

A mare can only have one foal a year.

Most minis prefer grazing outdoors over almost any other past time.

Due to their skills of pulling carts, a popular category at shows are driving classes.

A full grown mini weighs between 150-250 pounds and they love other four legged friends

A mini horse stallion doesn’t notice his small stature and will make friends with even the biggest of horses

A newborn mini is just 16-21 inches and will weigh about 20 pounds.

While the mini may be small, their personalities are gigantic!

So the next time you spend some time with your large hoofed pal, think of the little mini cousin, he might be tiny and adorable, but he's mighty none the less!

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