Cute Baby Horses That Make Us Squee!

There's nothing quite as cute and innocent as a wobbly legged little foal prancing alongside his mama. We've searched the internet and collected some of our favorite photos of baby horses that have everyone here at the Mane 'n Tail office saying "Aww!"

1. Do You Like My Hair?

Oh my goodness, this little goof ball is adorable!

2. Time to Play

Ooh this is so precious!  Love all the toys!

3. Scratch My Belly Please

If I promise to stay still will you scratch my belly?  This little lady is seriously melting our hearts!

4. Zoom, Zoom!

Someone is enjoying some play time!  Nothing like racing around and burning some energy.

5. So Fluffy!!!

Oh. My. Goodness. This fuzzy little guy...we just can't handle the cuteness!

6. Nap Time...Maybe

We've all been think it is going to be a peaceful nap time for the little one, but it turns into play time!  Seems like the perfect time for a good roll!

7. Silly Faces


When you have perfect timing and capture that adorable little tongue sticking out. Love it!!

8. Twinsies!

These two beauties have such similar, unique markings with gorgeous coloring.

9. A Little Smooch

This pretty little lady just wants a quick kiss from mom before heading back out to the meadows.

10. Jump For Joy!

Lastly, this happy little guy makes our hearts soar with his happy little hooves and that silly little tail. So sweet!

So the next time you need a cute fix (and let's admit it, who doesn't?) Just check out some cute baby horses and you too will immediately feel happy, silly, and there will DEFINITELY be a smile on your face!

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