Beautiful Horses in Autumn

Fall is just around the corner. For many of us, it's not only our favorite season, but one that never lasts long enough. Luckily, there are some amazing photos that capture the wonder of fall and keep the memories alive long after the leaves have completely fallen of the trees.

Here are some beautiful photos of horses in autumn to get you in a pumpkin spice mood!

Stunning Photo Opportunities

You can't beat the natural beauty of the fall season.  These two gorgeous models make capturing the perfect picture too easy!



What a View

The changing leaves and at stunningly, beautiful black horse is a sight to behold.


An Autumn Wonderland

Just like winter, but instead of falling snow there are falling leaves.  Autumn at its finest!

Enjoying the Cool Weather

The barely visible green still left in the trees is a good indicator that fall is just starting in this photo. We have a feeling this beauty is  enjoying the cool and crisp fall air.


A Fall Sunset

The perfect way to close out another great day, a beautiful fall sunset.

Playing in the Leaves

Enjoying the cooler weather is what autumn is all about. One of biggest perks of the fall season is getting to play in the leaves!

Enjoying the Fall Beauty with your Best Friend

The variety of colors that nature will display in the fall is absolutely stunning, why not enjoy it with your best friend?

Colorful and Classy

A gorgeous setting paired with this majestic beauty makes you realize just how amazing you have it. Nature provides scenery that lights up with joy and life throughout the year, and it's moments like this that make it extra special.


So while you enjoy the end of summer and are understandably bummed it might almost be over, just remember the beauty that will be here before we know it. So, get those cameras ready for what is arguably the most beautiful time of year and snap some everlasting memories.

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