5 Facts About the Bethlehem Mounted Police Unit

Straight Arrow Products, Inc. hosts its corporate headquarters in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania which, completely coincidentally, is home to one of the dozens of mounted police units in the United States.

Straight Arrow works with the Bethlehem Mounted Police Unit through various charity activities and partnerships, and are also one of our favorite groups to share our products with. This is not only because they are comprised of such beautiful horses, but because the organization is dear to our hearts and we appreciate their community efforts.

We wanted to take a look at The Bethlehem Mounted Police Unit by giving a few fun facts!

1. There are four horses; The Bethlehem Mounted Police Unit is made up of Pharaoh, George, Asa, and Grey. You can learn more about their individual personalities here.

2. The horses cost about $12,000 per year: “ Comfortable operating costs for the horses are approximately $12,000 year which is inexpensive considering the high visibility and community interaction the horses provide.” - BMPU

3. They moved into a new stable in 2017: “Bethlehem's four police horses — Pharaoh, George, Asa and Grey — are on pace to move into their new digs at 619 E. Langhorne Ave. early next month.

The $500,000 home, paid for by donations, has been under construction since January. Contractors will finish the flooring and other features in the next several weeks.

"It's all been charitable giving from businesses, from individuals and foundations in the Lehigh Valley. We're grateful for everyone who has been a part of it," said Tom Tenges, president of the Friends of Bethlehem Mounted Police. "We look forward to having the horses and the officers arrive within the next two or three weeks.” - The Morning Call
The Straight Arrow gang hangin' with The Bethlehem Mounted Horse Police.

4. They routinely patrol the streets of Bethlehem and can be seen downtown mingling with residents and tourists on an almost daily basis.

5. You can adopt a horse: The Bethlehem Mounted Police Unit does depend on the kind donations from the community. You can even adopt a horse from their website!

Now that you know a little bit more about the wonderful horses, watch one of our recent videos with them below.


Thank you to the Bethlehem Mounted Police Unit!

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