10 Fabulous Horses with Envious Hair

We all know someone with gorgeous hair. Beautiful flowing locks can be the envy of all those who see them. They way they catch the light, the effortless way they blow in the breeze. Well, did you know there are some horses out there with beautiful hair too? As if they weren't fabulous enough already?!

Here are 10 horses with amazing hair we all envy.

Forelock Envy

That forelock paired with the elegant look...so beautiful!

Plaited Mane Beauty

This perfect plaited mane...amazing!

Beachy Waves

This beauty has the beachy waves that every girl wants to achieve!


So powerful! Holy smokes this guy is amazing!

Black Beauty

This fantastic creature is so beautiful and majestic that we're in awe.



Is it weird to call a horse fierce? This amazingly fabulous horse is beautiful yet fierce!

I Whip My Hair

Talk about 'werk it girl!' This beauty sure knows how to strike a pose.

Volume for Days

When you can run around in the meadow all day and STILL have your hair look this amazing. Ugh, we are SO jelly!

Fabulously Freckled

Sometimes you just gotta rock those beautiful freckles, a natural beauty!

Strike a Pose

Not only is he a natural beauty, but he knows just how to pose for the camera. Love it!

So the next time you're feeling envious of your friend's amazing hair, send them this. Not only will they know how you feel, but you'll get to see some fabulous horses too!

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