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Tip to Keep Cool This Summer From Horses

The summer means scorching hot sun, balmy afternoons, and tons upon tons of sunscreen. Luckily, one of the perks of hot weather, is the sweet relief one can experience when when you have the opportunity to cool down after a hot day.

Take a tip from these guys, and cool down with some style!

Cool Off in The Tub


While a bath might not sound like the most ideal way to cool down, taking a cool bath after spending all day in the heat can be quite relaxing.


Mmm Mmm Cool and Refreshing


Sometimes a cool and refreshing drink is all it takes to bring the hear down a level. While we would suggest a little bit of filtered water rather than water from a stream, perhaps infuse your own with some lemon or basil instead.


Best Pals and Cool Waters


Maybe taking a dip with your pal is just the ticket! Splash around, gossip about the latest celebrity news, or just float around with your bff. It’s a great way to steer away the heat.


Shade the Day Away


Just finding a shady spot can make all the difference. Park your picnic for a beautiful lunch, or just stop in a quiet shady spot for a few minutes while you stroll downtown and shop. It’s nice how much cooler a quick shaded area can be.


Get a Hose Down


Ahhhhhh so refreshing! A quick blast from the garden hose will wake up even the groggiest of folks. Take turns with your friends or just give yourself a quick blast while you’re watering the garden. Bonus points if you grab a quick drink from it too. (There’s nothing quite like a drink from the garden hose.)


Have a Healthy Snack


Grab a bite to eat from a nutrient rich snack! Not only is it delicious, but snacks like watermelon have tons of vitamins and a huge amount of water in them to keep you hydrated and feeling your best.


Get Inside and Veg Out


Sometimes you just gotta get inside and cool off with a fan or ac. When the tropical temperatures start to take over, just get inside, cool off, and binge on some Netflix. It’s pretty great.


Treat Yourself


While having a healthy snack is always the best, sometimes you just gotta indulge in a decadent sweet treat too. What’s summer without chasing after the ice cream truck at least a few times a season? There’s also some great online recipes to make your own tasty ice pops too. Yum!


Sport Some Trendy Eye Wear


With all of the fun summer time items like beach accessories, fun outfits, and colorful items to keep you stylish, none are as effective as a cool pair of shades. Make sure they have UV protection to keep those peepers protected.


Hats Off to You


Last but not least, wear a hat! It might be the easiest of tips, but sometimes a hat can really make an outfit! Wear a simple baseball cap, or maybe even a wide brimmed sun hat. Either way you’ll be cool, shaded, and stylish!


So this summer, take a tip or two from these guys to stay cool. Your summer will be fun, comfortable, and unforgettable!

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