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Seven Fun Things You Need For Your Next Horse-Themed Party

Everyone who loves horses, loves them for life. So, at least a few times throughout a lifetime, the avid horse lover MUST HAVE a horse themed party. (We think it might be a law or something… jk!) Maybe you’re turning 5, 25, or 55, it doesn’t matter, a horse themed party is the best.

Here are seven fun equine items we found on Pinterest that will make the day extra special!

Watering Hole Beverages


A cool and refreshing beverage is one thing, but when it’s served in a horse trough it’s even better.


Pin the Tail


Pin the tail is one of the most classic games available. Introduce a new favorite or simply bring some nostalgia to your next shindig.


Shovel Treats


A real horse person understands it’s not all glamour and slow motion galloping. Bring a little tongue-in-cheek humor with these silly part favors that are sure to make even the longest face crack a smile.


Unicorn Cupcakes


Everyone loves cupcakes AND you don’t have to worry about serving up equal sized pieces to your picky party guests. So pretty and so easy to make!


Hay Bale Rice Cereal Treats

hay bales

Sure these might just be some delicious rice cereal squares, but any excuse to serve one of the best snacks ever is ok in our book.


Actual Healthy Snacks


Ok ok, maybe you should serve some healthy stuff too. Why not bring out a horse friendly treat that’s sure to fill everyone’s belly with some delish vitamins and minerals. (Plus you’ll have something you can sneak to the horses when no one is looking!)




Last but not least, this adorable pinata that has been reimagined from a standard store bought donkey one. The only problem… it’s so cute you might not want to crack it open.


So no matter how old you are turning, if you love horses, go with it and have the best dang party ever!

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