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Saint Tropez- New York Empire Rides Under the Sun

*Updated results from Ramatuelle, Saint Tropez*

New York Empire Riders standings

Bringing you the latest and most up-to-date scores! A test of horsemanship, balance, power and speed, show jumping challenges even the best of the best riders. Next stop, the New York Empire riders return home to New York City!

New York Empire in Ramatuelle, Saint Tropez

Global Champions League in St. Tropez

The sophisticated Riviera resort of Ramatuelle/ Saint Tropez is located in the South of France, on the coast, and kickstarts the gallop to the finish of the 2019 season. It also marks the final European event in the overall Championship. The competition will take place September 12th– 14th, at the Longines Athinia Onassis Horse Show (LAOHS).

St. Tropez

The venue will witness the world’s top horses and riders as they head to the legendary Pampelonne Beach. The show expects to host 100 riders and nearly 200 horses, representing more than 20 nations. What a beautiful backdrop for the show, breezy September weather playing together with crystal turquoise waters of the Mediterranean coast to surround the fight to bring home the ribbons.

Who is representing the New York Empire Team?

Scott Brash

This week, riders Scott Brash, Denis Lynch and Spencer Smith represent the New York Empire team in Ramatuelle, St. Tropez. Are you keeping up? They were in the Eternal City last week!  Check out our riders in Rome, Italy and gain insight on their latest standings.


If you are Generation X-er, there may be a television commercial that played in the mid-80’s that sticks in your mind. If we say, it was for a certain sun tan lotion, does that jog your memory?  No, not sun protection with major SPF, really, more to attract that beautiful bronzed all over color!  It was for a French sun tan lotion (it was actually an orangish-gel that did have a SPF of 4, LOL!) called Bain de Soleil!  The words that ring in most people’s heads from their jingle, was, “Bain de Soleil for the Saint Tropez tan…”  Yes, didn’t we all want to look like that? Or know that gorgeous model in the black bikini that had the perfect, even tanned skin? Not to mention lounging somewhere on a beach in Saint Tropez?  Where is Saint Tropez?  We all know it is balmy, beautiful, beachy and very glamorous!

High stakes in Ramatuelle, St. Tropez

Scott Brash

Another alluring playground for the original 1960’s ‘jet-setters’, Ramatuelle, Saint Tropez has a reputation for evoking that classic feeling of too much leisure time and non-stop partying. However, the riders that are here to compete in this leg of the Global Champions tour are not about the staying out late, with a ‘devil-may-care’ attitude. They are focused on pushing themselves to the limit and doing their best at the show! They are all hoping to be in top form at this prestigious location, and at the close of the European part of the tour. So it isn’t all fun and games…well, it can be fun, but there is a serious mood in the air, and the stakes are high.

St. Tropez


Of course, if you are just visiting and have the great opportunity to attend the show, by all means, please enjoy the area.  Our recommendation, relax on the Pampelonne Beach, with its large sandy bay and pristine waters, you can’t get more coastal than that!

Plage L’orangerie in Saint Tropez

After a day at the beach, food must be on the agenda, and the area boasts some of the best French cuisine.  Think fresh catch of the day, which happens to be caught only a few hours before you dine.  Le Club 55, Cap 21 Les Murenes, or Plage L’orangerie are right near-by and will guarantee you some of the best seafood you have ever had.

Where to stay in Saint Tropez

Hotel in Ramatuelle, St. Tropez


In the lap of luxury of course, La Reserve Ramatuelle, Hotel, Spa and Villa is our recommendation. One of the Leading Hotels of the World, your “experience may be tailor-made to meet your every wish”.  Views beyond believe, service that is incredible and accommodations more comfortable and beautiful than most, this resort is truly a place you will never forget.

Book a flight, hop on a jet, captain that yacht, get there anyway you are able—Ramatuelle, St. Tropez is waiting for you and the next leg of riders (with their horses) of the Global Champions Tour!

Set a reminder for 12:50pm EST to watch our riders, Scott Brash, Spencer Smith and Denis Lynch compete! You can watch the action LIVEhere. Best of luck to the New York Empire team!

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