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Rosie’s Cinderella Story

Holistic Horse Farm and Ranch Magazine

Our sales manager for Mane ‘n Tail horse products, Karen Schell, is featured in the December 2013/January 2014 issue of Holistic Horse Farm & Ranch magazine highlighting her work with a beautiful white Morgan-Percheron, Rosie, who was diagnosed with canker in all four hooves.

Holistic Horse Farm and Ranch MagazineAuthor Carolyn Crew says that only one thing saved Rosie’s life: compassion.

“Karen’s passion for horses exudes in both her career and her hobby as a carriage driver,” she writes, “Schell took on the role of fairy godmother to Rosie, putting together an incredible team of vets, neighbors, farriers and friends to help Rosie overcome the debilitating and often fatal disease of hoof canker.”

Read the rest of this heart-warming story and find out more about recognizing the symptoms of canker in your horse.

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