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One Horse Open Cart

Horse drawn cartWe had unseasonably warm weather this Thanksgiving weekend in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Just as I was deciding what turkey leftover meal to make for lunch, my neighbor, Carolee, texts me:

“Molly and I are in the buggy up in my ring and going to head down your way!”

With the winter weather just around the corner, I better not pass this opportunity up! I grabbed my camera and met Carolee and Molly outside and off we went for a stroll around the back country roads.

Molly (in photo on right) is a 23-year-old Morgan/Appaloosa cross with a ton of personality and energy! Having her pull the Meadowbrook cart for a bit is a great way to tire her out and provide her with much needed exercise. Not to mention providing content for this blog!

All the time Carolee invested in training Molly to pull the buggy pays off with every ride. Think you’re ready? Before you hook up to the cart for the first time, be certain you and your horse are prepared.

  • Know your horse. Be sure your horse is totally comfortable and confident pulling a cart.
  • Be sure your equipment is in good working order. Check tires, leather and all attachments.
  • Make sure the horse is harnessed and hooked correctly to the cart.
  • Always have a header holding the bridle as you enter or leave the cart.
  • Never lead a horse into the barn or stall with blinders on because the horse can’t see on either side and can easily catch a hip on a door.
  • Never leave your horse and cart unattended.
  • Never stand in the cart while driving. It’s too easy to fall out.
  • When in doubt, don’t.

Read more on pleasure-driving at America’s Horse Daily.

horse-drawn cartCarolee (in photo on left) jokes with me that Molly always stops traffic as she drives around ever since she started using Mane ‘n Tail Detangler. But seriously, Molly’s medication for a thyroid condition leaves her mane and tail very dry and thin. The ability for a product to moisturize and help strengthen, while repairing and protecting against breakage is important for a horse like Molly.


Be sure to check out our how-to video on Mane ‘n Tail Concentrated Detangler.

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