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New York Empire visits The Eternal City

*Updated Results from Rome*

New York Empire in Rome

Denis Lynch and Hans-Dieter Dreher represented the New York Empire team in Rome, Italy. It was a tough course and both riders made a horse swamp for the second round. Next up is Ramatuelle , St. Tropez! Moving forward and onto the next competition!

Next stop? The Eternal City! September 5th-8th

The Eternal City is a captivating venue and one not to miss as our New York Empire riders battle it out in Rome, Italy. Tune in as they kick off the 3rd to last leg of the Global Champions League tour on September 6th at 9:45am EST.

Taking the Gold

New York Empire riders

Did you see the performance the New York Empire riders put on in Valkenswaard? An incredible show of horsemanship and focus led Georgina Bloomberg, Spencer Smith and Daniel Bluman to the podium on August 11th. Check it out here!

Historic Location


The Eternal City, a bustling city of ancient architecture filled to the brim with history. Founded in 753 B.C., Rome was believed to last as long as time itself, hence the nickname “Eternal City”. No one underestimated the greatness of the ancient Roman Empire, and in 400 A.D. grew to be the largest city in the world.  Members of the Roman Empire, particularly the wealthy, owned several horses and used them for transport (via chariot or horseback)  as well as to transport goods…the horses were hooked to carts and wagons and used frequently by merchants and traders.  The Roman guard used horses in war and the elite officers usually rode into battle on horseback.   Horses have long been part of the Roman culture.

Tempted to visit?! It is not too late to book a trip to Rome! Or maybe you have already been? This is your excuse to go back! Follow the momentum the New York Empire team gained after winning in Valkenswaard!

Stadio dei Marmi

Stadio dei Marmi

The prestigious event will take place at the open air Stadio dei Marmi. It was originally built as a training center for the Academy of Physical Education and has hosted many events including Olympic field hockey! Funny how things change… nowadays schools are working on turf fields, and in 1928, Rome built an entire stadium with 59 marble statues lining the walls!

Hot Spots in the Eternal City

When in Rome, there are some must see locations you have to check off your list before you watch the New York Empire riders compete.

Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain

A personal favorite, situated in the heart of Rome is the Trevi Fountain (Three Street Fountain). One of the oldest water sources in Rome, the fountain was built at the junction of three roads on the end of the Aqua Virgo Aqueduct in 19 B.C. We would not recommend drinking or bathing in the fountain like the Romans, although legend has it, you are more likely to return to Rome if you throw a coin in!

St. Peter’s Basilica

St. Peter's Basilica

Don’t miss out on the panoramic view at the top of St. Peter’s Basilica, the epicenter of Roman Catholicism. One of the world’s largest churches, it is also one of four major basilica’s in the world. The magnitude of the Cathedral is one to behold. It covers 22,300 square meters and has a capacity of over 60,000 people!



Another showing of Roman architecture is the former Roman temple, the Pantheon. Built in A.D 120, it is known for its perfect proportions and holding the record for the biggest brick dome. Aside from the architecture, the Pantheon was built as a cultural revolution. Temples were preserved for only vestals and priests, but the Pantheon was the first temple built for the common people.

Experience Rome



There are so many hot spots you have to see! A quick tip- a “skip the line” pass for the must-see places will be well worth it! Wander through the Roman Forum, the social and political hub of the empire, on your way to the Colosseum. Or walk the cobblestone open air market, Campo de’ Fiori. It will be an experience like no other!

Global Champions League

Grab your comfy walking shoes, book a ticket, and off you go to Rome! Immerse yourself in the history and culture the city has to offer. Remember to watch our New York Empire riders at the Stadio dei Marmi in Rome on September 6th and 7th! If you cannot make it, watch them LIVE with us here!

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