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New York Empire Topping the Competition in Valkenswaard

*Updated Results from Valkenswaard*

New York Empire team ranking

What a weekend! We are thrilled for our New York Empire team for securing first place in the Global Champions League, Valkenswaard! Double clear rounds from all of our riders put them on top! Check out what the riders, Georgina, Daniel, and Spencer had to say after their strong performance!

Don’t miss out on this guide to watching the Global Champions League and your next visit to Valkenswaard!

The 15th leg of the Global Champions League takes place at the epicenter of equestrianism in Europe. This week, August 9th-11th riders will compete head to head at the Tops International Arena in Valkenswaard, Netherlands. The phrase “putting the horse first” takes on a whole new meaning when you visit this facility. The Netherlands are breathtaking to begin with, then add this quintessential horse show to the mix and life becomes fairytale-like!

Tops International Arena

Tops International Arena

An impressive 125m by 85m sand arena is surrounded by four additional arenas. Each designed with world class footing, canter tracks and separate lunging areas, this venue is known as the ‘spiritual home‘ of the Longines Global Champions Tour. Intertwined with the prestigious facilities are a shopping village, food vendors and grandstand seating. Horses are certainly championed and celebrated at the Tops International Arena…a European venue like no other, and spectators and VIPS guests experience a perfect environment that blends cutting edge design and technology steeped in traditional values.

Tops International Arena

Did you see our New York Empire riders at London last week? Make sure you catch up on their results! They are coming off of a fantastic finish leading into Valkenswaard!

If you are lucky enough to enjoy front row seats to watch the best riders in the world compete in the Valkenswaard Global Champions League, make sure you hit these spots!

The Dutch Museum of Lithography

Dutch Museum of Lithography

Invented in 1798 by Alois Senefelder, lithography is a stoneprinting technique in which images can be printed from one stone in a fast and cheap manner. A lithograph is printed art and can be an image and/or text. First black and white images, and in 1837 in color.

Originally, the process used an image drawn with oil, fat or wax onto the surface of a smooth, level limestone plate.  The stone was then treated with a mixture of acid and gum Arabic, etching the portions of the stone that were not protected by the grease-based image. When the stone was moistened, these etched areas retained water; an oil-based ink could then be applied and would be repelled by the water, sticking only to the original drawing. The ink would finally be transferred to the blank paper sheet producing a printed page.  This traditional technique is still used in some fine art printmaking today!

Watch in awe as you will see the process take place before your eyes! Demonstrations take place daily, so you can be sure to see the intricate development of stone printing.

Rofra Sportieve Arrangementen

Canoeing in Valkenswaard


More outdoorsy… enjoy a relaxing canoe or kayak ride on the Dommel river. No experience is needed to enjoy the picturesque landscape of the Netherlands while navigating the waters. Maybe you will see some native wildlife! Depending on your ambition level, you can choose between a 2-hour or 4-hour tour along the river. Along the way, there are plenty of photo opportunities and places to have a snack. Top your tour off with a refreshing drink at the café nestled next to a watermill. A trip the whole family can enjoy!

Quick Trip from Valkenswaard



If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, take a trip to Efteling! An amusement park like no other! Be enchanted as you walk through the largest living picture book, Fairytale Forest. With constant additions such as The Six Swans and Pinocchio coming soon, there is always an excuse to revisit! For the daredevils and thrill seekers out there, hold onto your seatbelts as you drop 123 feet into a pitch-black mineshaft, on The Baron 1898, is a stomach dropping dive coaster!

Restaurant de Treeswijkhoeve

Restaurant de Treeswijkhoeve


What would a vacation be without tasting the local food? Some people say it was the best dining experience they ever had. Enjoy private dining inside or sit outside and breathe in the fresh air on a clear starry night and sip on your glass of wine the chef paired to compliment your dish. The menu changes every season, so you will have a delicious, fresh meal! The restaurant is in a carefully renovated 1916 farmhouse that belonged to the original owners. You will taste the personal touch through the seasoning and herds from their own garden!

New York Empire in Valkenswaard

Daniel Bluman

Wherever your travels take you, be sure to leave some extra time to explore the Netherlands! Our riders, Georgina Bloomberg, Spencer Smith, and Daniel Bluman will be kicking off Round One of the Global Champions League Valkenswaard at 11:30am EST Friday, August 9th, 2019! Tune in here and watch the even unfold! From everyone at Mane ‘n Tail, we wish everyone the best of luck!