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New York Empire Stars in the Mediterranean

New York Empire brings the Stars to Cannes, FranceGlobal Champions League Cannes France

Join our New York Empire team members, Scott Brash, Denis Lynch and Hans-Dieter Dreher for the seventh leg of the Global Champions League. The riders are no strangers to the glamour as they compete in ‘The City of Stars’. Cannes, France is a combination of “Hollywood” glamour, white sandy beaches and turquoise waters that paint a stunning backdrop along the Mediterranean coast.

Rolling out the Red Carpet

Cannes Film Festival

There is no rest for the city, as the 2019 Cannes Film Festival just rolled out the red carpet a mere week ago. The Film Festival attracts stars and Hollywood insiders from all over to promote their films. Only a few dozen films are selected for official screenings to make their world premiere. The prestige of high-powered, deal-making was in full swing this past week and it certainly is not over! Some celebrities extended their stay for the Global Championship League competition and the flashy yachts are still lingering about and beachside hotels are still hopping with excitement!

Beach Access

Cannes France

If you find yourself in Cannes, France during the Global Champions League and have a minute to bask under the sun, be sure to check out your hotel’s beaches. Most five-star hotels provide exclusive beach access for their temporary residents. If you are enjoying the Mediterranean views elsewhere, be sure to stake your spot at one of the public beaches early. Discover the light illuminating sea by renting a two or four-person outrigger canoe. Take a snorkel under-water, or walk the pristine beaches and take in the breezy, sea air. Also, the shopping is renowned…get a French-inspired blue and white stripped boating shirt, a crisp pair of white jeans…and throw on your Tod’s driving moccasins, you will be chic and comfy behind your huge shades.  Maybe someone will mistake you for the next hot, Hollywood A-lister?

Kick Off Date in Cannes, FranceScott Brash

Celebrities in the in their own right, with the equestrian set, Scott, Denis and Hans are going to be riding Thursday, June 6th to kick off the CSI 5*division, Round 1 of the GCL in Cannes.  Round 2 will take place on Saturday, June 8th. You can tune into the livestream here. Mark your calendars and watch as our riders compete against the past winners of the Global Champions League of Cannes 2018, the Valkenswaard United!

The New York Empire team is looking to build on their success from Round 1 at Hamburg, Germany. They had two double clear rounds, and Scott Brash and Hans-Dieter Dreher were leading the pack. A couple of unfortunate rails down in Round 2 added a few stumbling blocks but we are hopeful the team can regain their high ranking in the next few days while competing in Cannes. Best of luck to our New York Empire team!

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