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New York Empire moves to Cascais

** Updated News Report and Standings from Cascais/Estoril Portugal

New York Empire


Our riders, Georgina Bloomberg, Hans-Dieter Dreher and Denis Lynch will be back in action in Monaco on June 27th-29th, 2019. Stay tuned to read all about it!

New York Empire Strikes in Cascais/Estoril Portugal

Cascais near Estoril, Portugal marks the ninth leg of the Longines Global Champions tour. We are looking forward to another strong round by our riders on the New York Empire team. Scott Brash, Daniel Bluman, and Denis Lynch will compete against the 2018 reigning champions of Cascais, the London Knights in a battle for the podium.

Prestigious events are no stranger to Cascais, known for hosting the America’s Cup sailing, golf, tennis and motorsports. Our riders join the venue and compete to win over $633,000 in prize money. Scott Brash currently sits in 7thplace, in a field of 105 riders and has earned over $236,000 dollars! The New York Empire has been the leading team four times in a row after Round One and is looking to do the same again!

Estoril Portugal

The kick off date is this Thursday, June 20thand Mane ‘n Tail will be tuning into the livestream on the Global Champions website at 4pm. But we like to pretend we are basking in the sun, sinking our toes in the sand, and dining alongside the sea with the riders!

Explore Cascais

Center of Cascais

The Center of Cascais is quite historical.  A walking tour around the old center of town is certainly warranted. It is easy to fall in love with traditional but slightly modern feeling you experience when strolling through the shops, restaurants down the narrow streets of this age-old town.There is the connection to the sea, the roots of a land which also belongs to the fishermen and the bay from where boats leave for high seas every day; and then there are the streets and alleys of the center, the fortress, museums and gardens. The sum of all this makes a very rich and beautiful historical center frenetic, by day or by night.

Cascais, Estoril Portugal

Check out the hot spots to dine and see in Cascais, Estoril, Portugal!  Portugal is well-known for its legendary cuisine and along the coast…the seafood is as fresh as could be! Talk about ‘catch of the day’!

Porto de Santa Maria

Porto de Santa Maria

One place to go for incredible seafood as well as other traditional Portuguese fare, Porto de Santa Maria which has been in business for over 70 years, this iconic restaurant serves some of the best Portuguese gastronomy. You can choose from a variety of dishes, ranging from a fresh steamed mussel stew to a traditional veal tagliatelle with wild mushrooms and white truffle oil. Talk about fine dining with a view!

Reverse Pool & Beach Lounge

Reverse Bar and Lounge in Portugal

Where to go pre or post dinner? Drinks? Happy Hour?   If you can handle the aqua never-ending pool and white sandy beach flanked by the bluest of ocean waters…then this is your Spot!  The Reverse Pool & Beach Lounge, with lounge spaces that are highly coveted…top off your dinner with a relaxing drink overlooking the Baia de Cascais. Full of glamour and elegance, you will be dazzled by the unbeatable view as you enjoy sit back and take in the sheer beauty of your surroundings. If need a snack, have no fear, the chef prepares the best sushi around. As the night comes to a close, taste the homemade cakes, majorly decadent dessert, offered fresh at the Lounge. What an experience!

Mercado da Vila

Mercado da Vila

Before the horse’s hooves kick up the sand on Saturday, June 22ndfor Round Two, take a walk around the Mercado da Vilain the early morning. Visit with the locals and peddlers as they catch your attention with their fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Then, move on to taste the wines and cheeses offered throughout the market. A feast of the eyes and the senses!

Casino Estoril

Casino Estoril

A must visit location is the famous Casino Estoril, the largest complex of entertainment and leisure that Europe has to offer. It is thought to be the inspiration behind Ian Fleming’s, Casino Royale, the beginning of the James Bond legacy. Did someone say, “shaken not stirred”?  Equipped with one of the most prestigious art galleries in the country, the Casino Estoril will give you plenty to do and see!  Live out your James Bond fantasy, and come home a big winner, to boot!

Rich History


Horses have a rich history in Portugal.

Rewind to the Roman Age, the Lusitano, also known as the Pure Blood Lusitano (PBL) is a Portuguese bred horse. The breed is named after the region that modern Portugal occupies, Lusitania. They were originally bred for war, bull fighting, and dressage, but now used for the latter. The Lusitano, since then has made several appearances in the Olympics and the World Equestrian Games! The equine bloodlines run far back in Portugal, and we love seeing the sport kept alive!

Denis Lynch

Stay tuned with us on Facebook  and Instagram to receive scoring updates and coverage right from Cascais, Portugal! Best of luck to our team’s riders, Scott Brash, Daniel Bluman and Denis Lynch in the ninth leg of the Global Champions League!

Curious to visit the eight stops before Cascais? Check out our blogs and feel like you are there with the riders!

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