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New York Empire is Part of History: Stockholm

Global Championship League:  June 14-16 2019  Stockholm, Sweden

From June 14th to 16th 2019 the elite horses and riders in show jumping will attend the GCL Stockholm at the City’s historic Olympic Stadium. The arena has a strong heritage in equestrian sport dating back over 100 years, including the Olympic Games in 1912 and 1956 and the World Equestrian Games in the summer of 1990.

Stockholm, Sweden


Stockholm, Sweden now takes its place on the LGCT global circuit for five years joining a powerful list of cities. Alongside the main competitions of LGCT and GCL, the concept of Stockholm Horse Week will be launched with a focus is to inspire, broaden and create a celebration with the people around equestrian sport. Starting next year an International dressage competition will be held as well as an International youth competition in dressage and show jumping.

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If you are planning a trip to the historic Olympic Stadium, in Stockholm, there are a few other places you shouldn’t miss!

Here is a great itinerary if you only have one day to sightsee in Stockholm:

Stockholm Old Town

Gamla Stan

Stockholm Old Town or Gamla Stan is centuries old and the actual heart of Stockholm. While it has been there since the 13thcentury, many of the buildings seen today are from the 18thand 19th  It has everything that a charming old town would have – cozy houses, warm alleys, cobbled streets, and more…little cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, and galleries. The entire Gamla Stan area consists of the island of Stadsholmen and the islets of Riddarholmen, Helgeandsholmen, and Strömsborg.  As you look for the Stockholm Cathedral you will pass many frescoes dating back to the Middle Ages…make sure you watch out for them, because they are truly magical.

Nobel Museum


Named after the Nobel Peace Prize founder, Albert Nobel, and all things related to the award, this museum, that opened in 2001 inhabits the former Stockholm Stock Exchange in Gamla Stan. Walk through the developments in science, technology, literature, economics, and other important streams as you walk through the Nobel Museum. Look up towards the ceiling to view portraits and citations of over 800 Nobel laureates over the years.

The Royal Palace of Stockholm

One of the biggest and most magnificent palaces in all of Europe. It is the official home of the king and queen of Sweden. It is only the official residence; the palace where they actually stay is the Drottningholm Palace. Stockholm Palace is located on Stadsholmen in the Gamla Stan. The palace is the official royal residence and also a place of work for the members of the Swedish royal family.

Stockholm Palace

At the same time the building also has a massive historical and cultural significance in the context of life over the centuries in Sweden. The palace has 7 floors with a total of 600 rooms in all. Explore the 3 individual museums that make up a part of the Stockholm Palace – the Tre Kronor Museum dedicated to the original Tre Kronor Palace and showcasing the palace’s medieval history, Gustav III’s Museum of Antiquities, and the Royal Palace museum. Apart from the 3 museums you get to explore other areas inside the massive palace as well. These include the Bernadotte Library – a royal book collection of over 100,000 books owned by the royal family members over the centuries, the Royal Chapel – a chapel that has been around since the 13thcentury, and the Royal Guard – part of the Royal Palace since 1523.

The Vasa Museum

Vasamuseet or the Vasa Museum is a maritime museum and the most popular museums in Scandinavia. It is located on Djurgården Island and was opened to the public in 1990. The museum is owned by the Swedish National Maritime Museums (SNMM).


What makes the Vasa Museum so special is the fact that it exhibits the sole almost completely intact ship from the 17th century. The ship in question is the Vasa, a 64-gun warship that unfortunately sunk during the course of its first voyage in 1628. Once you are here, learn about the life and times of the people aboard the warship Vasa through a film and also guided tours and audio guides. Learn about how the ship sank in 1691 in Stockholm Bay and how, 333 years later, it was salvaged and now is living a second and even more glamorous life as Scandinavia’s most popular museum with 1 million visitors annually.

The Skansen Open -Air Museum


Skansen Museum and Zoo on the island of Djurgården in Stockholm city is the first open-air museum in the world. It was inaugurated in 1891 by Artur Hazelius. Experience the traditional life and culture of Sweden across 5 centuries at this museum. The displays are unique and include, among others, furnished houses, farmsteads, domestic and wild animals, and also cultivated plots and gardens.

Little Treasures

Vastveit Storehouse

Explore the more than 150 houses and farmsteads that are part of the Skansen museum. The oldest building of these is the Vastveit Storehouse from Norway of the 14th century. It is the only building in the entire museum that is not originally Swedish. Visit the Selgora Church – an 18th century wooden church, the Alvros Farmstead and quite a few others, the Skogaholm manor house, village hall, and other interesting exhibits at the museum – a pottery, engraver’s workshop, shoemaker’s shop, and more. Watch a range of animals – domestic and wild at the zoo.  It is a sight to be seen!

 Where will you decide to go?


Stockholm is vast and has so much to offer! We gave you sort of the ‘cliff-notes’ ala ‘Lonely Planet’, ‘Reader’s Digest’ version of what you may be able to conquer in a day.  The rich history of the Vikings in this Scandinavian country certainly cannot be explored in just one day!   There is a half-day Viking History Tour of Stockholm!  It may just scratch the surface, but you will see ancient runic stones and decipher ancient inscriptions.  Find yourself ensconced in the Swedish countryside a bit outside town to delve into the scenic historical sites that date back to the middle ages.

Dala Horse

Dala Horse

You may even learn about the Swedes and their historical connection to horses.  One of which is the hand carved and painted Dala Horse. They have become a symbol of authentic Swedish handicraft and one of Sweden’s most popular souvenirs! The name comes from its home province, Dalarna, in central Sweden (not necessarily in Stockholm, but part of Swedish culture). … Since Viking Times, the horse has been considered a holy animal.  Find out more at:

Watch the Livestream

Global Champions League

The expanded 2019 GCL circuit will incorporate Stockholm for the first time ever. Riders, Scott Brash, Denis Lynch and Daniel Bluman will represent our team, New York Empire! Let’s not forget about the incredible, power filled round Scott Brash had at Cannes, France! Or Hans-Dieter Dreher’s round, securing the gold in the GCL Cannes Round 2! Our team is looking to have another great performance in Stockholm, Sweden, June 14th-16th!

Tune in with us on the Global Champions website to cheer on the New York Empire team! New York Empire’s own Olympic rider, Scott Brash will go head to head with 23 other Olympians!

If that is not enough excitement, Daniel Bluman is fresh off a big win at Old Salem Farm in the $35,700 CSI3* and looking to put in a solid performance overseas! We are cheering our riders on! It will be a nail biting competition, so mark your calendars for Round 1 on Friday, June 14th, 2019!

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