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New York Empire enters Hamburg, Germany

New York Empire Arrives at the “Gateway to the World”

On May 29th, the sixth leg of the Global Champions League kicks off in Hamburg, Germany. Mane ‘n Tail is proud to sponsor the New York Empire Team, with team owner Georgina Bloomberg!

The city’s history dates back to the 9th century and it is now known as the “gateway to the world.” This nickname can be credited to the city being the country’s largest port. Hamburg’s deeply rooted history is mirrored by the entire country of Germany’s vast history. Many horses visiting will be experiencing their ancestral beginnings, including the Oldenburg, Hessen, Holsteiner, and Hanoverian breed-lines.

Many breeds other than those listed previously that are native to the country of Germany are important there. In fact, horses have played a role in German lifestyles for many years.

Native to Germany

Dulmen Pony

The Dulmen Pony is the only remaining native pony breed in Germany. Named after a small town in the Teutoburg forest, this breed is known for their hardy and gentle personality. Every May the local farmers help round up the Dulmen Pony for an annual auction. This event attracts more than 15,000 people every year. The roundup helps with preserving the breed and managing the population.


Horses in Germany

Many people do not know the greatest use of horses in any military conflict was in WWII. A staggering 80% of the entire German transport was horsepower. This was a significant difference compared to their allies, who benefited from the ability to mass produce motorized vehicles. Although nowadays horsepower has been replaced by the automated vehicle’s “horsepower” this fact just adds to the significance horses have played in the lives of humans for generations.

Impact on Industry

Hamburg Germany

In Germany, as of 2007, the equine industry generates around 300,000 jobs! Anywhere from grooms, riders, trainers, business partners and managers, this sport takes a village! If you love the sport, but do not ride, there are other ways to be involved. Check out this Guide to Equine Career Opportunities.

The country has made riding more easily accessible with over 7,600 horse clubs and 3,000 private barns! Now, there is no escaping the horse bug!

Hamburg, Germany

Scott Brash and Spencer Smith


Speaking of the horse bug, the New York Empire riders in the Global Champions League are looking for another performance similar to Madrid’s! If you missed it, catch up here!

Scott Brash, Denis Lynch, and Han-Dieter Dreher will be representing the New York Empire team in Hamburg, Germany. We wish we were there!

Prize Money

For the 2019 season, Scott Brash sits in 10thplace for earning the most prize money in the Longines Global Champions Tour. His earnings in the LGCT began in 2013 with his win in the Doha Grand Prix and now, 6 years later, Scott Brash has accumulated an outstanding 3,775,858 euros! He is currently in 2nd place for earning the most prize money since his debut in 2013.

Hamburg Germany Livestream

Where can you follow along and watch live? Go to the Global Champions Tour website and you will feel like you are there with the riders! Listen to exclusive interviews and behind the scenes action right from Hamburg, Germany!

Breaking News

New York Empire team standings Scott Brash

Scott Brash and Han-Dieter Dreher ran two clear rounds, in Hamburg, Germany! This puts the New York Empire team in first place going into Saturday’s Round 2. Best of luck to our team! Tune in for an early morning on Saturday at 6am EST to watch Round Two!