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New Horse Breeds that “Totally” Aren’t Photoshopped

There’s been a slew of new developments in the equine world! New and fabulous breeds of never before discovered horses have recently been discovered. While our sources aren’t 100 percent verified, we are almost positive that these, in no way shape or form have been Photoshopped.

Ok, we’re just kidding. These are TOTALLY and obviously Photoshopped. We know it isn’t April Fools or anything like that, but these amazingly ridiculous pictures that we’ve found throughout the internet are too good not to share, and they’re sure to give you a laugh!


The fact that this little (or big) guy has on a halter means that he’s someones pet, and we’re ok with that!



We love pugs, and we love horses. This critter is a win-win! Maybe.



Uhhhhhh, we’re not sure about this one. *runs away screaming*



There’s something sort of sweet about this fella. However, we’re not quite sure how well balanced he’d be. Toppling over might become a major issue for this guy.



First you see the bobbing of the dorsal fin peeking through the water, and then this majestic beauty leaps out of the water with such flair and magnificence you can’t help but gasp in amazement.  Just keep us away from the hammerhead-horse and we’re cool. Ok? ok.



This wild beauty is a rare beast that is gentle yet fierce and you can’t look away. Will she love you…or try to eat you. We’ll just never know. Ah, the beauty of nature.



Better make sure you use a lot of positive reinforcement while you train this one because it’ll repeat those commands right back at you. “Polly wants a carrot” will be ringing in your ears as it runs full force towards that treat bucket full of apples and sunflower seeds in your hand. This one will definitely be a troublemaker with a capital ‘T.’



Can you just imagine a line of tiny baby duck-horses as they waddle behind their mama? Do they quack or neigh? Do they fly south for the winter or just wear little duck-horse blankets? These are questions we’ll never have the answers too, and we’re a little disappointed with that. Oh well!



It’s the crack of dawn and soon the sun will be coming up. Instead of a ‘cock-a-doodle-doo’ to wake you in the morning, a large ‘NEEEIGHHHH’ awakes you from your slumber. Afterwards you and the family go to collect the large chicken-horse eggs for the biggest omelette you’ve ever had. What a weird and wacky world you could be living in.


So thank you to the wild (and sometimes weird) internet for these photos. While Photoshop can be used for loads of amazing things out there, we’re glad that these are here too… kind of.

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