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More Ways to Bring Your Horse into Your Wedding

If you’re a lucky bride-to-be, we’re sure you’ve been busy planning the wedding of your dreams. But what about your best buddy? Nope, we’re not talking about your fiance or maid of honor, were talking about your big buddy that you’ve spent countless hours with… your horse! You can’t forget about him can you?

Here are a few more ideas to incorporate your horse into your big day, a continuation of our blog 10 Wedding Ideas for Horses.

Just Married

Head off into the sunset in newly wedded bliss with your beloved with this incredibly sweet sign. You could hang it on the back of your car…. or you can put it on the rear of your horse. No brainer!


DIY Cake Topper

Sure you could buy a premade cake topper, and there are thousands of adorable ones to choose from. But why not whip out the glue gun and attach some romantic wedding baubles to your own horse figurines. They’ll be one of a kind so you’ll know that no one else will have it.


Be One with the Bouquet

Why carry  just any bouquet when you can have your horse BE your bouquet. You’re maid of honor will certainly love this idea since she won’t have to hold it for you anymore. Just make sure the horse doesn’t eat it, at least until after you’ve thrown it at the reception.


Be Part of The Action

Horses are strong and magnificent creatures. Simply basking in their presence is all you might need to capture just a moment of beauty that will be treasured twice as much. While each photo element is beautiful, combine them and it’s something you only get once in a lifetime.


Say It With Horseshoes

From place settings to parting gifts, the horse shoe is a diverse and lasting addition to the most beautiful and rustic wedding.


Make a Grand Entrance

From  your walk down the aisle, finally saying I do, and even your entrance into the reception, you can say it in a strong  and unforgettable fashion while riding on your very own horse. Plus you’ll be up so high that every guest will be able to see you no matter where they’re seated.


Romantic Photos

Sure your first photos together as newlyweds need to be sweet, intimate, and loving, but they’ll be so much better with the addition of a few candid shots with your “real” bestie too.


Have A Horse Wedding

So you aren’t the one getting married but you really want a horse-themed wedding. Fret not and have an actual horse wedding! Sure it might just be an excuse to have a big party, but who cares! Plus, any excuse to put a horse in a bow tie is a good enough reason for us!


So if you or someone you love is planning a wedding AND they love horses, why not have a look at these fun ideas and you’ll make your wedding extra amazing!


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