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Mane ‘n Tail hits the big screen again… ‘The Greening of Whitney Brown’

Mane ‘n Tail makes another Hollywood debut, out this month in theaters and via on-demand, our Original Shampoo and Conditioner are featured this time in Perfect Weekend’s film, THE GREENING OF WHITNEY BROWN. The family film, stars Aidan Quinn, Brooke Shields and Kris Kristofferson while introducing fourteen-year-old Sammi Hanratty in her first lead film role. Mane ‘n Tail products, made by Straight Arrow, are no stranger to the silver screen, having appeared in multiple feature films over the years. People know Mane ‘n Tail and love the products with their recognizable bottle, distinct logo, and formulas that perform!

THE GREENING OF WHITNEY BROWN follows the misadventures of ‘Whitney Brown’ (SAMMI HANRATTY), a privileged and popular Philadelphia teenager whose world is upended when her parents, ‘Henry’ (AIDAN QUINN) and ‘Joan’ (BROOKE SHEILDS), experience sudden economic problems that necessitate a family move to Whitney’s grandparents’ old farm in the country. Away from the dizzying world of typical ‘teenage girl angst’, she finds a new, more down-to-earth best pal, ‘Odd Job Bob’, a beautiful Gypsy Vanner horse owned by her new neighbor ‘Dusty’ (KRIS KRISTOFFERSON)—a crusty rancher who turns out to be her estranged grandfather. Through her new relationships with Odd Job Bob, Dusty and her parents, Whitney rediscovers what it means to respect, not only nature and her family, but also someone very special she had almost lost touch with: herself.

How did Mane ‘n Tail get involved?

‘Odd Job Bob’ will be played by his real life namesake, an Irish-bred Gypsy Vanner horse, along with a trio of other horses of the unique color and breed. The movie’s executive producers, Sue Rathbone and Ed Fitts introduced the film’s production staff to the wonders of Mane ‘n Tail shampoos and grooming products, and the rest is history. The producers happen to own El Brio Vanner, a home to Gypsy Vanner horses of all sizes, from magnificent stallions to frolicking colts and fillies and home to Odd Job Bob. Situated in the rolling hills of South Eastern Pennsylvania, El Brio Vanner was also one of the locations used in the film along with other parts of Pennsylvania and Georgia.

Speaking of Pennsylvania, Mane ‘n Tail’s maker, Straight Arrow, is a native PA company that produces the equine products chosen by the groomers at El Brio Vanner, tried and true products they have used for years. So they became the perfect horse shampoo and grooming products to “star” in THE GREENING OF WHITNEY BROWN. Odd Job Bob and his horse companions owe their gorgeous flowing manes and beautiful healthy tails to good breeding and the use of Mane ‘n Tail products to get them ready for their ‘close ups’.