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Finding fun in equine dress-up!

Editor’s note: Ashley is a young beginner rider who was profiled in Mane ‘n Tail’s blogs: What was your first time like? and It’s show time!

We received many positive responses from our young Mane ‘n Tail users that we asked her to be a guest blogger. We hope you enjoy reading through her perspective, her love of equines and riding.

Almost every young girl loves to play dress-up. Even when you become a teenager, that doesn’t completely go away. Thankfully, there is our Halloween Trick-or-Treat costume wearing annual event to continue the fantasy. Below, Ashley writes about dressing up not only herself for Halloween, but also including her horse!

Ashley and BellsLast years’ Halloween experience taught me to plan way ahead and you should too! I didn’t know how much fun I would have including my horse in the Halloween costume tradition. I got lost for hours searching the internet for costume theme ideas for me and my horse. Eventually, I narrowed it down to two themes. Thank goodness, I had access to two horses to bring them to life!

Last year I did two different costumes. One with my paint horse, Max and another with my friend’s draft mare, Bells.

I decided to do an Fairy Princess and her Unicorn with Bells, after finding a picture of a girl and a unicorn (that oddly looked a lot like Bell). I used an old black and white gown, a crown, and luckily my friend had a set of wings from one of her old costumes to complete my fairy princess look.

For Bells, we painted an old bridle white to blend in with her coat, made a horn out of poster board and attached it onto the bridle with fishing line, because it’s pretty much invisible. I braided black and white flowers into her mane and tail along with some gold ribbon with the help of Mane ‘n Tail’s Spray ‘n Braid. We took first and third place out at the KILE (Keystone International Livestock Exposition) show at the Harrisburg Farm Show Expo Center at the end of September.

Ashley and MaxAt first I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with Max. He’s a good horse and will let me put whatever I want on him, but I had no idea what to put on him. Then I was flipping channels on TV and came across Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Now I love this movie! I know pretty much all the words. So I researched costumes.

Everyone always does Alice and the Cheshire Cat. But I wanted to be different. I, sadly have no sewing skills at all, so I had to buy pretty much all of this costume. I went with Alice and The Mad Hatter. I bought a dress similar to Alice’s online, along with The Mad Hatter’s Hat, his bow, and a Cheshire Cat plush. I cut holes into the brim of the hat to put over Max’s ears and attached it with string to his bridle, so it wouldn’t flop around too much. I braided his mane and tail using Mane ‘n Tail’s Detangler and Spray ‘n Braid, and attached the bows. I also put a bow around his neck and tied the Cheshire cat to the back of my saddle. It was simple but still creative, or that’s what everyone told me. We took first at a Boots and Saddle show and a fourth at a Great Scott show.

Watch a video she made of her and Max all dressed up!

To cut down on the hours you may spend on the internet coming up with ideas, share them with us on the Mane ‘n Tail Facebook page. Post a photo from previous years or comment on new ones!

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