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She Sells It, She Uses It and She Wins With It!

Devon Horse ShowMane ‘n Tail Grooming Products…She Sells It, She Uses It and She Wins With It!

At the Devon Horse Show 2012 on Sunday, May 27th, our Equine Sales Manager, Karen Schell took First Place in the Pony Division of the Devon Pleasure Carriage Drive! Karen’s passion has been Pleasure Driving for the past 10 years. This year was her first win at Devon with her 22 year-old Morgan mare, Bella Rosa, driving an 1892 Demarest Lady’s Phaeton owned by Susie Buchannan.

Devon Horse Show

The Devon Pleasure Carriage Drive entails a few steps: first the preliminary judging in an open grass field for the drivers and horses; then a 5.5 mile drive to the Devon Horse Show Fair Grounds, judged by three separate judges through various points on the drive; competition continues once at the Devon Fair Grounds in the Dixon Oval; last step the final winner is announced. Congratulations Karen on the Blue Ribbon!

Monday evening, May 28th, Class 465 Single-Pony-Pleasure Turnout, Karen was awarded 4th out of 15 entries…this includes all Pleasure Carriage categories…YOU GO GIRL!

Karen’s horse’s name is Bella, which translates to “beautiful” in Italian and her secret weapon for maintaining that beauty, is Mane ‘n Tail of course! To prepare Bella for the show season, Karen uses a combination of Mane ‘n Tail products such as the Original Shampoo, Conditioner, Detangler, Hoofmaker, Spray ‘n Braid…and to achieve that show-stopping glisten…Mane ‘n Tail Shine-On.

Devon Horse Show“I’m a lucky lady, because I sell the best equine grooming products, use them because I truly believe in them, and have had the pleasure to come home with blue ribbons,” says Ms. Schell. “Not only do I use the Original Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo and Conditioner on Bella for a ‘show-ready’ look but I use it myself as well…so my hair is soft, shiny and stunning for my time in the ring.”

Karen continues,”I’d like to thank all the folks that helped and supported my efforts at Devon: Denise Herman; Debbie Camplone; Karla Altmann; Michelle Casale; Susie Buchannan; PJ & Tara Crowley; and of course…all my friends at Mane ‘n Tail.”

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