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Adventures of Noodle: Hampton Classic

2019 Hampton Classic

The 2019 Hampton Classic has come and gone with a whirlwind of activity. A Pinterest worthy scene anywhere you looked! Vendors lined the Boutique Garden, showcasing dazzling jewelry, fashion, and equestrian chic. On any given day, 12,000 people wandered around the shops at the Hampton Classic. As you “oohh-ed and ahhh-ed”, you were treated to a waft of fresh chocolate chip cookies from Tate’s Bake Shop and the aroma of espresso filtering from the mobile coffee shop.

Hampton Classic

The Hampton Classic ran a full week filled with Hunter Derby’s, Championships, and Grand Prix qualifiers. On the final day, locals and celebrities gathered to watch the $300,000 Doha Grand Prix where Olympians went head to head in the ultimate test of power and speed.

Georgina Bloomberg jumping in the Grand Prix

Over in the Hunter ring, the inaugural $5,000 Mane ‘n Tail Hunter Rider Challenge had a successful first year! This series ran in conjunction with the 2019 Old Salem Farm Spring Horse Show. Riders had the opportunity to accumulate points in open hunter divisions, 3’6” and higher at both venues. We are proud to award Scott Stewart the grand prize and title of the 2019 Mane ‘n Tail Hunter Rider Challenge!

Noodle Visits the Hampton Classic

What would a trip be without our Mane ‘n Tail mini mascot, Noodle! He certainly created a stir at the Hampton Classic! Dining in the lavish VIP tent, we would say he had a good time!

Let the Adventure Begin

Adventures of Noodle at the Hampton Classic

Hampton Classic Program

“Everyone thinks it is all fun and games! I had a very important job at the 2019 Hampton Classic, and I take it very seriously. This saddle pad comes with great responsibility. Between making sure the 5-gallon buckets at all 22 wash stalls were stocked with my favorite Ultimate Gloss Shampoo and Conditioner, food tasting, photographing, and meeting celebrities, my schedule was booked!”

A Facelift for the Grand Prix Field

Mane 'n Tail at the Grand Prix Field

“My stall location sat ringside of the beautiful maintained Grand Prix field. A barn swallow whispered in my ear that the Hampton Classic put in a whole new turf! Even Olympian McLain Ward approved the results after his win in the 1.40m Open Jumper Class.”

Mane ‘n Tail Hunter Rider Challenge

$5,000 Mane 'n Tail Hunter Rider Challenge

“On the opposite side of my stall, we awarded Scott Stewart the title of the 2019 Mane ‘n Tail Hunter Rider Challenge! He pulled away by a nose in the final days of the challenge. Congratulations to all of the competitors and I cannot wait to see familiar faces next year!”

Noodle with Celebrities

Mane 'n Tail with Brimstone Adventures of Noodle

“I was hot to trot in my new getup, tacked up by celebrity entertainer and entrepreneur, Brimstone. He is seen on national television and featured in documentaries including Wrestling Then & Now and Standing in the Stars. Did I mention he is a professional wrestler? He made sure I was bling-ed out in the latest tack.”

A Refreshing Drink

Mane 'n Tail at the Hampton Classic

“Outside of the VIP tent, I ran into Brew Dr. The only doctor visit I enjoyed! They were handing out free samples of Kombucha! You know the saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink… unless it is Kombucha by Brew Dr.!”

Extra Sweets at the Hampton Classic

Mane 'n Tail in the VIP tent at the Hampton Classic

“I certainly did not have trouble tasting the delicious Macaroons. My groom told me to take one… but I dived into the tray when she turned her back! I could not help myself. They were just sitting there waiting to be eaten. Similar to those moments when you snag an extra mouthful of hay from the hay cart when the groom’s back is turned. Yes, you know what I am talking about! They get all frustrated and call you rude for stealing, but it’s okay because you know you snagged some extra calories.”

Mane ‘n Tail Horse Spa

Mane 'n Tail at the Hampton Classic

“Remember I mentioned the wash stalls? I wanted to make sure all of my friends were shining in the ring, so Mane ‘n Tail supplied gallons of Ultimate Gloss Shampoo and Conditioner for everyone! What a treat!”

Capturing the Moment

Adventures of Noodle at the Hampton Classic Adventures of Noodle


With so many events going on, I checked in on my photographers. They were capturing some sweet shots, and I counted down the take-off spot before the jump so the timing was just right. “Three, two, one, click!”

“Did you see me at the Hampton Classic? If you missed it, check it out on our Instagram Page! Thank you to everyone who made the Hampton Classic a surreal experience! Now it is time to tack up and get back to work… and steal some more food where I can! Noodle out-“

A Job Well Done

Wow, that was quite the adventure Noodle. Thank you for that recap, and we see you did have your work cut out for you! Nothing like some horse power to get the job done. From everyone at Mane ‘n Tail, thank you to everyone at Old Salem Farm and the Hampton Classic for making this a celeb year!

Curious to try the Ultimate Gloss supplied in every wash stall at the Hampton Classic Horse Show? See the shining results for yourself! Available on Amazon.

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