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Adventures of Noodle: Great Meadow International

Great Meadow International

What a weekend! Mane ‘n Tail had the honor of presenting the $500 Mane ‘n Tail Puissance with our ambassador and five star event rider Chris Talley at Great Meadow International 3-Day Event.

It all began one evening with a phone call from Chris. He asked if Mane ‘n Tail would like to be involved in the fun filled bareback high jump at Great Meadow International. Sounds like something we would love to be part of!

Returning Champion

Chris Talley

Photo Credit: Cindy Lawler

Chris was a previous winner of the bareback high jump, jumping a staggering 5’3” with Hannah Salazar’s mount, Wyeth. He was asked to return this year to facilitate the event. As if organizing the event wasn’t enough, Chris Talley rode his mare, Sweet Natalie and the famous Unmarked Bills.

Prep for Burghley

Chris Talley at Great Meadow International

He is utilizing the state-of-the-art arena footing and cross-country irrigation system to prep Unmarked Bills for Burghley Horse Trials in the UK September 5th-8th, 2019.  Many other top riders had similar plans including two-time Olympian Will Coleman and Pan American Games gold medalist Boyd Martin and Doug Payne.

Adventures of Noodle at Great Meadow

Great Meadow Puissance

What would a trip to the Mars Great Meadow International Horse Trials be without our Mane ‘n Tail mini mascot, Noodle! He assisted Chris Talley and Hannah Salazar with the Puissance on Friday, August 23rd, 2019. Well, Noodle thought he was helping, we think he spent most of the time horsin’ around!

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold your horses! I had a whole day in a Great Meadow before the riders decided to drop their saddles and raise the rails. Let me tell you how the event went down through my eyes.”

Adventures of Noodle

“It all started with a treat delivered to my grooms. They do such a good job making me look my best for the shows, they deserve it! It was good to see them in high spirits, and who wouldn’t be because it was close to breakfast time for the other horses. Food time is always a good time.”

FEI Stabling at Great Meadow

“Next, I gave my friends a pep talk to prepare them for the CCI4* competition at Great Meadow. It is a competitive field, but I know they have enough talent to finish on the podium. Before I left them to eat their breakfast, I took note of the stabling. It was more of a five star hotel than anything! The stalls were roomy, and surely represents the next evolution of temporary stables!”


“I was on a tight schedule as I galloped over to the dressage rings to judge the riders. There is so much hard work that goes on outside the ring, I couldn’t help but give out a couple 10’s! (In dressage, the scoring system for each movement scales from 1(needs improvement) to 10(perfection)).”


“After all the time spent in the judge’s booth, I made my way over to the Meadow Market. Here, I met BarnWiz and searched the nearby barns for boarding and training. Not saying I need more training, just so I can tell my friends that they could use it!”

Puissance at Great Meadow

“The time was nearing for the $500 Mane ‘n Tail Puissance at Mars Great Meadow International with Chris Talley. The anticipation was rising even before the event started. We were trotting around, gathering the prizes and meeting the participants.”

Puissance winner at Great Meadow

“I loved meeting the riders and horses. I even got a picture with the Ultimate Gloss. It does such a good job on my coat, I can not wait to give some out to the participants! A huge congratulations to Hannah Bauer for topping 4’6” to win the $500 Mane n’ Tail Puissance at Great Meadow! The crowd was ecstatic and so were we! I had so much fun, I think I will enter next year!”

“Until next time folks! Next on the schedule is the Hampton Classic, August 27th-September 1st, 2019. 

My team will be at there all week  and I will be arriving on August 30th! I heard there is a lot to see and plenty to eat, so stayed tuned! The final leg of the $5,000 Mane ‘n Tail Hunter Rider Challenge is coming up!”