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Adventures of Noodle and Percy: Equine Affaire 2019

Equine Affaire Logo

The 2019 Equine Affaire in West Springfield, Massachusetts came and went in a whirlwind! The event was held at the Eastern States Exposition Center and holds a staggering 355,000 square feet of exhibit space! Imagine an event where all things horse related come together in a display of vendors, exhibits and seminars.

All Things Horses at the Equine Affaire

The Equine Affaire must make it onto any serious horse lover’s calendar. It is an opportunity to expand your knowledge on a wide variety of topics such as, managing nutrition related problems, saddle fit strategies, causes of neck pain in horses and exploring equine careers and college options…and of course horse grooming.Equine Affaire 2019

When you need to give your brain a break, you can visit the hundreds of vendors in three different buildings. Get ahead on your holiday shopping, buy your four-legged friend a surprise gift… or maybe treat yourself!

Mane 'n Tail at the Equine Affaire Equine Affaire 2019

Mane ‘n Tail certainty had a wonderful time at the 2019 Equine Affaire. We always enjoy talking with everyone who stops by! Our favorite part is hearing about your horses and suggesting products to keep them looking their best!  We gave out samples this year for folks to try grooming solutions they have never tried before! Our equine products were available for sale at Stage Coach West and Stateline Tack at the show.

A Gift for you too!

We even sampled our Mane ‘n Tail personal care products (yes, for you to use specifically on your own hair) as well as selling special bundles only at Equine Affaire for the holidays!

Adventures of Noodle

Of course, it would not be an adventure without our Mane ‘n Tail mini mascot, Noodle. This time, Noodle was joined by newly inducted Mane ‘n Tail co-mascot mini, Percy! Not so mini, Percy is proud of his Percheron blood. He stands tall and strong next to Noodle. Luckily at least one of the Mane ‘n Tail minis are grounded! Here is a sneak peak of Noodle and Percy’s latest adventure!


Adventures of Noodle at the Equine Affaire Noodle: “All good mornings start with a ‘cup-o-joe’. Extra shot of alfalfa and we are good to go! It is so exciting to be here at the Equine Affaire. Look at all of the vendors! I wonder what my rider is going to get me… I’ve been a well-behaved horse recently… well besides the time I slobbered all over my rider’s new shirt. But I was just breaking it in!”

Noodle and Percy Exploring Equine Affaire

Percy: Man, Horse, you know too much alfalfa is not good for you. My hind gut is just fine without the extra shot. Look at how shiny my coat is. That is from good, healthy nutrition, and good grooming, my friend. Should we go visit the stalls and introduce ourselves? My two-legged friend takes care of me so well. I do not need anything extra, but perhaps I can come along with you.”

Orange Slow Feeder Hay Net

Percy: “Here Noodle, this is what you need. The Orange Slow Feeder Hay Net. It is even durable enough to withstand your chomping. Maybe you can convince your rider to put a flake of alfalfa in here too.”

Noodle: “What do you mean my chomping?! You are the bigger than me. You have a mouth the size of a horse!”

Percy: “Noodle… we are horses.”

Noodle: “Oh yes! Right!”

Percy:  “You just chew with your mouth open and that is annoying and not very classy!”

Newts Hat Company

Noodle: “Hay, check this out. Do you think he can cut holes in the hat for my ears?”

Percy: “They do customize! While you try that, I am going to get my hooves shined. I heard they will polish our hooves the same time they do our two-legged friends! I have to be looking my best here!”

Outback Survival Gear LLC

Noodle: “And I have to be looking my best for a dinner date tonight. Do you think they can shine my boots? I found this nice shirt too. Check out the bit, it is a nice touch. Classy is my middle name!”

Noodle and Sew for Show Noodle and Newt's Hat Co

Percy: “Umm, yeah, Classy is your middle name. I am sure your date will accept you no matter what. Are you nervous?! Nervous Noodle, Ha! Imagine. Here, I will lay these mats down so your boots don’t get muddy.”

Hahn Plastics at Equine Affaire

Noodle: “Nah, not that nervous…excited, though! You aren’t rolling that mat out for just me… It’s for you too, you neat freak! You just do not want to get your pristine white feather’s muddy. Did you really think I did not want to get MY shoes dirty?! I will carry my date through the mud #strongasahorse”

Percy:  “Whatever it takes to impress your date…take some advice, just please chew with your mouth closed!”

Tractors at the Equine Affaire

Noodle: “My new wheelz! Make way!”

Percy: “Noodle, have you ever driven a tractor before… if you were strong enough like you claim, you wouldn’t need any extra horsepower.”

Noodle: “Some horses aren’t Percherons like yourself Percy.”

Designs by Frederique

Percy: “Come on, lets hang up this sign and turn our tails in for the night. Eat some extra alfalfa for me tonight on your dinner date… and watch out for the mud!”

Noodle:  “That sign is from our dear Mane ‘n Tail friend Frederique, (Designs by Frederique) she hand-paints all these beautiful plates, platters, stemware, table runners, scarves and even clothing!  They are so pretty!  Maybe my date would like a gift from her?”

It certainly seems as if Noodle and Percy had a good time at the Equine Affaire! We hope they did not get into too much trouble. Percy is the ‘voice of reason’, and helps keep Noodle on track, well, at least he tries!  Follow our Instagram and Facebook page to keep up with the latest #adventuresofnoodle! From everyone at Mane ‘n Tail, thank you for stopping by and visiting us at our booth. If you missed it, see our highlights @manentailequine. Until next time folks!