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10 Ways to Bring Your Horse Into Your Wedding

Your horse, and your love for all things horses, is such a prevalent part of who you are. All your friends and family know it, and most importantly, your fiance knows it. That’s right, you’re planning your wedding!

First off, congrats!! We know that your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. However, planning the big day is a lot of work. Here at Mane ‘n Tail, we’ve put together a great list of suggestions to make sure your love of horses can shine brightly for your special day!

With Your Prep Photosprep photos


Getting glamorous with your bridal party the morning of your wedding for some can be half the fun! Why not include your beautiful four legged friend in the prepping process by posing him or her with your beautiful gown. Enjoy a morning mimosa while your horse munches on his oats and apples.

Pre-Wedding Photos

pre wedding


After you’re dressed and ready to go, take a few quick candid shots with your horse. She’s been a great friend who will love to see you in your gorgeous frock. Perhaps it’s just the two of you, or maybe your whole bridal party wants to join in. Make her feel like one of the family before you’re swept away into the rest of your busy wedding day.

Bridal Escort



A grand entrance might not get more grand then with a horse drawn carriage. Bring a little whimsy and romance while feeling like a Disney princess with an elegant and refined piece of transportation.

Flower Pony



Incorporate a pretty pony in your wedding by having a flower-pony head down the aisle with your human flower girl for your outdoor soiree. Just make sure the flowers are safe for horses to eat, because she’ll prob sneak a few for a snack.

A Stable Aisle

incoroprate your stable


Perhaps your outdoor wedding needs a little extra oomph! Why not walk down the aisle in your very own stable while your guests are seated outside? What better guests to watch then those horses comfortably watching from their own stalls.

Post Photos

post photos


Now that the “I Do”s have been shared, it’s time to party! While your guests are enjoying their pre-reception cocktails, it’s time for the bridal party, family members, and others that are important in your lives to get together for photos. While mom, dad, and grandma are of course included, make sure you remember your four hooved pal as well! Why not even share your second kiss as a married couple with your horse too!

Reception Accessories

reception accessories


While horse may not be allowed into your reception venue, you can still incorporate your love of all things equine by displaying horses throughout your decorations and serving ware.

Lucky Place Settings

name cards


Send all of your guests to their seats with a little extra lucky charm by turning your place cards into lucky horse shoes. Provide a string for each guest to hang them in their homes, or maybe set up a game of horseshoes outside and have your guests to play! Now that they’ll have a little extra luck, anyone could win!

Cake Topper



Include your love of horses and your quirky sense of humor with a horse cake topper. The icing on the cake, so to speak, is when you pull out those matching masks to dance the electric slide!

Wedding Party

bridal party


Last but not least, perhaps you’d want to grant your horse one of the most honorary positions of all. If your horse is your absolute best pal, why not give him or her a position in the wedding party? A horse bridesmaid or groomsmen might not be able to help much in terms of planning up to the day or even help with the bachelorette party, but in the end it sure is nice knowing your best pal is there by your side!

However you decide, your horse-themed wedding will be amazing! Just remember to have fun, feel the love that surrounds you, and know your horse isn’t just gaining a friend, but you new spouse is their family now too!


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