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For The Dogs!

German ShepherdAs a horse owner, you probably already know that Mane ‘n Tail has two great products to help your horse maintain a healthy and knot free mane. Hopefully, you already use our Detangler and/or Concentrated Detangler ‘n Shine to save you time when grooming your horse, aiding in the elimination of tangles while strengthening and moisturizing your horse’s mane.

You might also know that we have a great Detangler for humans as well. Originally created for equines, the benefits of many Mane ‘n Tail products proved useful to humans as well and it wasn’t long before Mane ‘n Tail expanded our line of products to include our human customers. Read more about our Detangler for your own personal tresses.

But did you know that our line of detangling products also covers canines? Our Dog Detangler is the only solution you need for grooming your dog, providing a friction free slip for tangle-free coats.

Our detangler will also help keep your dogs fur free from mats. Mats are like dreadlocks for your dog — tight wads of hair that form over your dogs skin, which can be painful. They can hide and hold insects or debris, making them smelly and the cause of many painful skin problems. Regular grooming will make eliminate this problem before it even starts.

It’s important to know and monitor your dogs body. Regular grooming is a great way to help catch and prevent any skin or body infections or bites. While grooming, you can look and feel for any new lumps, bumps or abrasions, keeping you aware of your canine’s health.

Besides keeping your dog’s fur healthy and strong, there’s other benefits to grooming your dog regularly. The time you spend combing and cleaning your dog will not only strengthen his coat, but also strengthen the bond you have with him, ensuring his role as man’s best friend. Many dogs enjoy the soothing rhythmic motion of being brushed and Mane ‘n Tail’s Dog Detangler will make the process easier. It’s like a little massage for your dog and if done properly, can be very relaxing for you both.

Walk or exercise your dog before grooming. It will help get out some of your dogs natural energy, leaving him in a better state for relaxation.

Use quality brushes and combs specifically designed for your dogs breed and hair type. If you’re just first starting to groom your dog, keep the sessions short so as not turn your dog off to grooming forever. You can try to distract your dog with a toy or a treat while initial grooming, but ween your dog of this habit over time. Done properly, the grooming process will be something you and your dog look forward to.

And of course, use Mane ‘n Tail Dog Detangler. Safe to use on wet or dry coats, long or short coats. Our product will condition and fortify the hair strands, achieving and maintaining a longer, healthier coat that will you leave your dog happy, healthy and handsome!

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